Truth Exposed Radio – Aug 24

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Our guests August 24th:

Heather Fazio of Texans for Accountable Government with an Austin TX Liberty activist update and to announce this Saturdays TAG party at 29th Street Ballroom at Spider House, 2906 Fruth Street Austin TX.

Glenn Zarmanov of WeAreChange NJ with a 9/11 Truth update.

Sean Wright of We Are Change MN to talk about their recent citizen media videos from the GOP Ames Convention.

Eddie Free, organizer of the Lemonade Freedom Day event that took place on Aug 20th in front of the White House and resulted in the arrested in the arrest of three people.

Truth Exposed Radio

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Listen to the archive:

Guests: Phil Lobo & Freeman.

•Phil Lobo is the writer, directer of God Rewards the Fearless. Episode 2 of God Rewards the Fearless will be premiering online this weekend.

•Freeman is an internationally-known award-winning TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer.

Truth Exposed Radio w/guests Danny Panzella & Glenn Zarmanov

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Listen to the archive:

• Danny Panzella of /WAC NYC –

On June 22nd Danny Paznella and Xander  decided to hold a last minute End The Fed rally on Wall St.

When we got there about 40 police were waiting for us.


• Glenn Zarmanov of WAC New Jersey

Glenn has been doing his best in getting the word out about “9/11 Gate: the Wikileaks of 9/11″.

The NY Times recently interviewed Glenn for an upcoming piece on 9/11.

Just recently Glenn also spoke with Max Keiser about 9/11 Truth.