Pyrolytic Graphite

Graphite and also its products with high strength as well as acid resistance, deterioration resistance and heat 3000 ℃ and reduced temperature -204 ℃ and also other great functions, are extensively utilized in metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, high-energy physics, aerospace, electronic devices and so forth. The specific characteristics of pyrolytic graphite normally as bellow:

pyrolytic graphite

1, extremely heat qualities

The melting factor of graphite 3850 ± 50 ℃, the boiling point of 4250 ℃, even after the ultra-high temperature level arc burning, weight reduction is really small, very tiny thermal expansion coefficient. Graphite stamina raised with enhancing temperature, at 2000 ℃, the pyrolytic graphite toughness doubled.

2, pyrolytic graphite items have excellent thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance. Graphite can endure the drastic temperature changes at area temperature, without damages, the graphite quantity change is not large when temperature level changes unexpectedly, does not have splits.

3, pyrolytic graphite products with chemical security as well as resistance to disintegration. Graphite has excellent chemical security at area temperature level, and also withstand to any kind of strong acid, antacid and also organic solvents disintegration.

4, pyrolytic graphite items are environmental-friendly material, with non-radioactive contamination, withstand to heat. Carbon in the 2000-3300 levels under heat environment for at least couple of months of the graphitization process to become pyrolytic graphite, as a result, the graphite of harmful and also dangerous materials currently launched, a minimum of its extremely steady within 2000 degrees.

5, pyrolytic graphite products have a good adsorbability. Carbon void structure identified that the carbon has an excellent adsorption, so carbon is usually utilized as an adsorption material for adsorption of water, smell, harmful substances.

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pyrolytic graphite

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